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Nice quality silver chain

measures 18 inches.
Not sterling silver.
001-997-CSPC-Silver-chain1 Blowout special, 18 inch, Silver chain 1.5mm, Nice quality $20.00 wow Sale Price! -> $ 5.00 JMckinley 70% off Sale!

Nice quality silver chain

measures 18 inches and is adjustable to 21 inches.
Not sterling silver.
001-997-CSPC-Silver-chain4 Overstock special, Adjustable 18-21 inch, Silver chain 4mm, Nice quality $20.00 wow Sale Price! -> $ 2.95 JMckinley 70% off Sale!

Highest quality 14/20 gold filled chain

measures 18 inches.

14/20 has a more rich, gold color, while a lower value such as 12/20 is more yellow or brassy. Customers seem to like the fact that 14/20 gold-filled jewelry "matches" and wears like their 14k pieces, and love that it is more affordable!
001-997-CSPC-Gold-filled-chain12 Blowout special, 18 inch 14k Gold Filled chain 1.2mm, Higest quality 14/20 wears like real gold $40.00 wow Sale Price! -> $ 19.95 JMckinley 50% off Sale!

cheap 14k gold pendant chain blowout special

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